Imagine enjoying a family summer vacation and connecting to year-round family social support network

Every summer, we host our new veterans and their families for a week-long summer camp on a local college campus. 

Family Homecoming Summer Camps serve three purposes: 

1) To welcome home our newest veterans and provide an amazing summer vacation for them and their families.  

2) To connect military families to existing, year-round social support networks. 

3) To help military families maximize their healthcare, education and employment opportunities.

A real family summer camp: 

Our summer camps surprise, delight and engage the children with outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, games, singing, dancing, skits and water sports. While the kids are enjoying a complete summer camp experience, veterans and their spouses also get a chance to relax and unwind. Each day, parents choose from a host of summer camp activities with and without their children. 

In addition, our mentors, tutors and advocates are available throughout the week to help guide both parents through the process of applying for their education, job training and healthcare benefits. Representatives from colleges, vocational schools and employers will also be on hand to help parents explore the various career and education opportunities available to them. 

These families need our support

The United States currently lacks comprehensive support programs for helping military families successfully transition back into civilian life. 

With dependent children, adjusting to life back home, finding a new way to earn a living and understanding and applying for military benefits can be overwhelming. 

Each year, nearly 100,000 troops with families leave the military without the support they need to thrive in civilian life. Family Homecoming Summer Camps are specifically designed to scale-up and meet these families' needs. 

Our summer camps are self-supporting and ready to roll-out on college campuses across the nation during the summer break.

We provide amazing family summer vacations


We strengthen family bonds


We help military families plan for the future


Veterans service organizations


Community, business and civic organizations


Hobbies, activities and sporting groups


Faith-based organizations


Education development volunteers


Employment development volunteers


Volunteer veterans benefits specialists


For Veterans

Summer camp gives veterans and their spouses a chance to relax and reconnect with their families while improving their access to education, employment and healthcare.


For Kids

The children enjoy a complete summer camp experience including outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, games, singing, dancing, skits and water sports.


For Colleges

For colleges, our summer camps provide incredible opportunities to reach out to veterans, engage local community, provide summer jobs for their students and bring in additional revenue during the summer.


For College Students

Becoming a summer camp counselor provides college students with an incredible opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of these children.


For Employers

For employers, our summer camps provide great ways to meet and hire veterans with proven experience and leadership skills.


For Families

We help veterans and their families retool for civilian careers and enjoy life after the military.


For the Military

We work together with local military bases to support our troops as they transition out of the military and back into civilian life.


For the VA

We work closely with local VA medical facilities to improve access and provide a continuum of care for our veterans and additional support for their families.


For Wounded Veterans

All of our education, employment and healthcare initiatives have been specifically designed to meet the needs of every veteran, especially wounded veterans and their families. All of our adaptive programs strive to meet the needs of these families and help these veterans get back into the stream of life.

Couples plan their future together

While their children are enjoying their best summer ever, couples get the time, space and support they need to work together to leverage their military and medical benefits, maximize their educational and career opportunities and plan for their family's future. 

Additionally, our active alumni, mentoring and advocacy networks and our ongoing career and educational development programs ensure that our veterans and their families will continue to receive the support they need throughout the year.

Come celebrate with us

The day is coming when we will celebrate every veteran and their families having access to all of the educational, employment and healthcare opportunities that many of us civilians take for granted. We are looking forward to sharing that day with you and your family. Join us!


We believe in strengthening military families.


We believe in connecting military families to existing, local social support networks.


We believe maximizing healthcare, education and employment opportunities for military families.

Support veterans and their families

For just $19/ month, you can help send a veteran's family to summer camp and provide them with year-round career, education and healthcare support!

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